12 Colour Palette Set C
12 Colour Palette Set C
12 Colour Palette Set C
12 Colour Palette Set C
12 Colour Palette Set C

12 Colour Palette Set C

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Product information

A J Ludlow wish to announce a new packaging design.

We at A J Ludlow are passionate about the quality of our watercolours and want to share their exquisite characteristics and benefits with all watercolourists.  We have therefore introduced a new collection of Professional Watercolour sets to allow more watercolourists to try the watercolours we are so proud of.

Many of our Professional Watercolours are now available in 4ml pots, attractively packaged as sets in fully recyclable packaging.  The pots themselves have a see-through polystyrene base and white polypropylene lid, whilst the box and sleeve are made from card.

This set is one of 5, as each set is different  through the choice of the 12 watercolours that constitute the palette.  Three sets, A, B and C can be purchased directly from us, whilst D and E are only available from West of Wales Art Supplies.  The reason for the different sets is purely because the Artist tends to like a choice, especially when choosing a palette for particular paintings (for example, sea and landscapes, flora, figurative, etc).

The twelve 4ml pots of Professional Watercolours that constitutes this set are:

Cadmium Lemon Yellow (CI Pigment Yellow 35),

Cadmium Scarlet (CI Pigment Red 108)

Anthraquinoune Crimson (CI Pigment Red 177) - sometime known as "Permanent Alizarin Crimson"

Quinacridone Rose (CI Pigment Violet 19)

Ultramarine Blue (CI Pigment Blue 29)

Phthalocyanine Blue Green Shade (CI Pigment Blue 15:4)

Cerulean Blue (CI Pigment Blue 35)

Phthalocyanine Green Blue Shade (CI Pigment Green 7)

Yellow Ochre (CI Pigment Yellow 42)

Raw Sienna (CI Pigment Brown 7)

Burnt Sienna (CI Pigment Brown 7)

Charcoal Grey (CI Pigment Black 8)

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Brand A J Ludlow


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