A J Ludlow Professional Watercolour Nickel Titanate Yellow

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Product information

Nickel Titanate Yellow

Colour Number:  1

Pigment Details: Antimony Nickel-Titanium Oxide / Colour Index Pigment Yellow 53 (C.I. PY53)

Nickel Titanate Yellow Professional Watercolour is prepared using the complex inorganic pigment, antimony nickel-titanium oxide, which is thermally stable and has high light fastness.  The antimony nickel-titanium oxide pigment is a mixed crystal system based on a rutile lattice.  Incorporation of the Sb3+ and Ni2+ ions into the rutile (TiO2) lattice creates a pigment with a light lemon (green shade) yellow with high hiding power (the pigment’s opacity is a direct consequence of the rutile lattice) and so affords an opaque watercolour, which is semi-transparent in thin washes.

Although a muted colour (even to the point of being considered dull by some), Nickel Titanate Yellow is used to create dark flesh tones and by floral and flower artists (watercolour’s derived from this pigment are sometimes called “primrose yellow”), while some artists find it a very useful light yellow for inclusion in an “earth” palette.

The pigment’s tinctorial strength is low, its staining power is also on the low side and the watercolour is easily lifted out.  The watercolour’s lemon yellow hue produces attractive pastel mixes with violets and greens; with burnt sienna it produces a pastel brown, similar in shade to Naples yellow.  Other names for this pigment include Sun Yellow, Titan Yellow and Nickel Rutile Yellow.

Although containing antimony and nickel, these metals’ bioavailabilty in the pigment used in our watercolour is very low and so the pigment is considered safe for use in our Professional watercolour range.

Technical specifications

Size 15ml
Brand A J Ludlow


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