About Us

A J Ludlow is a fusion of art and science, creating fine-art materials of unprecedented quality and brilliance.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website and tell you a little bit about our company and myself and explain why our artists’ colours are exceptional, mixing traditional with modern in order to enhance the creativity and legacy of the artists we serve.

Our company ethos is to follow in the footsteps of the traditional Artists’ Colourmen; each batch lovingly manufactured by a skilled artisan and finished by hand.  All our fine-art materials are made in England with the best ingredients and finest pigments. 

From an early age and all through my adult life, I have always enjoyed painting as a pleasurable pastime, one of enjoyment and self-fulfilment, a feeling that continues to this day.  Although my chosen career path was as a chemist, I continued to enjoy painting and became quite accomplished.  However, the real passion was when I fused the art and the science together and developed my career as a chemist with a profound knowledge and expertise in art materials. 

I have long held the view, that many of the artists colours available in the market place do not live up to the promises made in their marketing materials and so I set about developing my own, based on my criteria of high quality as a chemist and my creative needs as an artist. It is to this end that I can now introduce my own fine-art products to you and hope that you will share my joy when painting with them.