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is the art of creating colourful patterns by sprinkling and brushing colour pigments on a pan of oily water and then transferring this pattern to paper. Modern adaption and use of acrylic inks, extends this art technique and allows other substrates to be used.

This starter set provides everything needed to start practising this Art. The set contains 5 colours; Red, Yellow, Blue, White and Black, which can be mixed to obtain further secondary colours. It also contains a tray for holding the Marbling Medium, a bottle of ready-to-use Marbling Medium, a fan brush and a Needle tool for creating patterns.

To start creating beautiful ebru, just fill the tray with the ready made Marbling Medium and start to create patterns and designs. Splash or sprinkle the colours on the surface using the brush or the needle tool, move the colours around or cut the surface with the needle tool. Then once the pattern has been created, transfer it on to a piece of paper or any other porous media, such as, wood, fabric, ceramic, etc., remove it and then, leave it to dry.

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