Professional Watercolour Impasto Medium by A J Ludlow

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Product information

Impasto Medium

Reduces flow and thickens watercolour to give an impasto effect.

A translucent gel medium, which can be used pure or mixed with moist watercolour.  It can also be mixed with dry texturing agents and sparkle pigments to produce interesting 3D effects. Suitable for techniques with a spatula and can be overpainted with watercolour after drying.  Drying time will depend on the thickness of the film.

Technical specifications

Size 60 ml
Brand A J Ludlow


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Meiru Ludlow - Cambridge

Impasto Medium creates body on Watercolour Paintings

I enjoyed using Impasto Medium creating 3D effects to my Watercolour Paintings. It is easy to use. I used it with colour and without mixing with colours. I mixed Impasto Medium with different colours, and then applied the colours to my painting with a pallet knife. It's like painting with oil colours. I also used Impasto Medium without mixing with colours, and then applied Watercolours on the dried Impasto Medium area. It gave translucent effect to the painting. It's very enjoyable. I will do more with the Impasto Medium.