Professional Watercolour Lifting and Masking Medium by A J Ludlow

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Product information

Lifting and Masking Medium

Allows dry colour washes to be easily removed from the paper with a wet brush or damp tissue.  It can also act as a mask, protecting under layers from subsequent colour bleeding or diluted and sprayed onto graphite drawings to seal the surface and protect the image.

If using this medium as a lifting preparation, then it must be applied sufficiently for the desired effect prior to painting and completely dry before starting work.  It will allow colour to remain in place on top of it and so its use doesn't necessarily need to be precise, but it should be remembered that dried colour on top of this medium can be easily removed and the medium may show through very dilute washes.  When used in this way the Lifting and Masking medium will seal the paper's surface and any subsequent surface it is painted over.  It can therefore be used in layering and so acts as a permanent mask, protecting the underlayers from colour bleeding.

After diluting the medium 5 times with water (1 part medium to 5 parts water), it can be sprayed through an atomiser spray to seal a pencil drawing (as shown in the example).  

Technical specifications

Size 100 ml
Brand A J Ludlow


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