Professional Watercolour Shimmer Powder by A J Ludlow

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Product information

Shimmer Powder

Special effects pigment powder Shimmer is a classic sparkle pigment.  This particular pigment has large flakes which reflect the incidence of light to give a silver lustre and bright twinkle effect.

Supplied as a powder, gives Shimmer pigment the versatility of mixing with many different mediums.  It can be mixed with the Watercolour Binder and Painting Medium to form a watercolour or added to the Impasto medium, if a more textured finish is required.  The pigment powder is easily incorporated in either medium, but remember to handle it carefully and avoid producing dust.  A method of preparing a watercolour is given below:

  • Add the pigment powder carefully to a flat ceramic tile to avoid producing dust;
  • Add the watercolour binder medium in the ratio of 2 parts pigment powder to 1 part binder (approximately by volume);
  • Gently fold the dry powder into the binder with a spatula, taking care not to generate dust;
  • Once the pigment powder has been fully wetted out and the mix is even and smooth, transfer the watercolour to a pallet, pan or add water and paint from the tile.

The special effects pigment powders supplied by A J Ludlow as part of the Watercolour Mediums range, are all of the highest quality and have high light fastness.  It is not necessary to grind these pigments in the watercolour binder, as they are easily incorporated using a spatula.  In fact, excessive mixing of these pigments may damage the particle shape, which in turn will affect the brilliance and colour of these interference pigments.

Although Shimmer powder is non-hazardous, it is a very light weight powder, which becomes airborne easily, so avoid creating dust when using and avoid breathing in the dust.  Be careful when removing pigment powder from the jar and avoid spilling; cover work surfaces and floors in the area as a precaution and avoid using near carpets and other soft furnishing.

Shimmer powder requires a binder to hold the pigment to the substrate and it is not recommended to use it on its own or as a slurry in water because it will not adhere to the substrate and be easily transferred.

It is recommended that when painting with a watercolour made with Shimmer powder, that the wash water and brush used is kept separate from other watercolours to avoid transfer of the sparkle particles.

Technical specifications

Weight of Pigment Powder 4g


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