The high-quality professional range of watercolours offers a wide and balanced spectrum of 48 highly pigmented colours chosen for their unique hues and excellent permanence and high light fastness.  Each colour has been specially formulated to offer the greatest flexibility for the artist.  They are all based on single pigments and because they contain only pigment and no other powders, the colours’ brightness, hue and transparency are uncompromised.

Using traditional binders and auxiliary materials, the professional watercolour has its roots in the transparent watercolours that became popular in the 19th century in both the United States of America and Victorian Britain.  Around this time many colours had names, which were based on the pigments that they were traditionally made with.  Wherever possible our watercolours keep the traditional name when the correct pigment has been used, but when this has not been possible, the colours have been named after the pigment itself.

Watercolour Mediums

A J Ludlow Watercolour Mediums were developed by Dr. Andrew Ludlow based on the requests of artists from the UK, Europe and the rest of World. The Mediums have the functions of building up body, increasing flow, creating gloss layer on painting areas, remove undesirable paints from a painting, giving paints more transparency looking, last but not the least, one of the mediums can make the dream of that artists producing their own colours come true. All of A J Ludlow watercolour mediums are made from nature materials, such as Arabic gum and ox gall, etc. They are safe to use and no hazardous to health.

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